With access to the latest YouGov annual survey of 10,000 UK respondents (representative of the UK population), UK Pulse delivers unprecedented insight into media consumption and helps you create detailed audience profiles and targeting strategies that hit the mark.

We designed UKPulse specifically for those PRs challenged with really getting under the skin of media consumption across on and offline channels - quickly and easily.

YouGov's annual survey of 200 questions asks 10,000 UK consumers detailed questions on lifestyle, media consumption attitudes, preferences and behaviours.

UK Pulse is really simple to interrogate, stripping out over-complicated functionality so with minimal training you can build detailed audience profiles quickly and easily. Once you have those, finding out which type of media your profiles are most likely to consume are just a couple of clicks away.

In brief

  • Access to deep dive media consumption insight.Full access to YouGov's annual 10,000 UK respondents.
  • Easy and simple to use.Quickly learn how to interrogate, build profiles and understand target media.
  • New business tool.Great for pitching new clients, with deep dive insight at obtained effortlessly and instantly.