Social Media Buzz Alerts

Keeping up with the torrent of social media content - and finding time to make sense of it can be overwhelming.

If you don't have the time or the resource to filter your most important social content, we can do it for you. Our experienced analysts bring ordered knowledge to the chaos, with daily summaries and intelligent insights on your most important content. Our daily editorial-style summaries are delivered to your inbox, first thing everyday.


Make sense of your social media coverage and content

Much more than just a tracking service, our analysts personally compile your alert each day. Each alert includes actionable insights and commentary around key themes, topics and sentiment with links through to view your content.

Get to the content automated tools can?t reach

We also scour for content and crucial posted comments in areas where online monitoring tools are ineffective or cannot access, such as personal areas of Facebook or Linked In.

You choose when and how often

Your daily alert is set to arrive in your inbox by 8am seven days a week, but if that doesn't work you can modify the time and frequency to suit you.

Crisis support

A weekend and crisis service is also available.

Key features

Benefits to you

In brief

  • Sector expertise.Tap into the expertise of our experienced social media analysts team, we are here to help you.
  • Customised approach.Tell us what you need and we will tailor our services to deliver it.
  • Market-leading technology.Trust in the speed, accuracy and reliability of our technology.
  • More than social.Access multi-channel analyses and ad-hoc reports as you need them.
  • Dedicated account teams.Real people making sense of your virtual world.