Automated Analysis

Alongside your Gorkana monitoring service, our automated analysis package categorises your content more intelligently, so that you can quantify your coverage to help you measure your PR success.

We work with you to define the metrics that you want to measure and then provide you with the ability to report on this over time via a personalised, online dashboard. Automated analysis filters identify key topics and terms to help you understand how you are performing on specific metrics. Our tools will give you the ability to benchmark your organisation against your competitors, track the pick-up of key spokespeople and understand which of your brands is getting greater traction. Identify which journalists are talking about you, the media which you feature most prevalently and track against key metrics.

In brief

  • Categorise your content more intelligently- provide metrics behind your PR successes.
  • Define the metrics you want- using your own personalised dashboard.
  • Benchmark yourself against your competitors- see which brands are being talked about the most.
  • Identify quickly which journalists are talking about you- see which media you feature in the most and track value and circulation.