Our History

Gorkana’s roots stretch way back to 1880 and to a world where fortunes were made and lost on the back of ‘reputation’. William Durrant seized on the idea of reputation and built the first press monitoring business. From that point on the aristocracy could find out and thereby manage what was being said about them.

Things have moved on - we now connect brand owners to critical information and insights to help them control and manage their reputation across all media platforms. In today’s fast-paced media landscape, our unique blend of smart technology and bright analysts give our clients a clear competitive advantage

In 2009 and 2010 Durrants made a series of acquisitions. They acquired the global media analysis and evaluation company Metrica and also Gorkana who then was the provider of media intelligence and industry news to the PR and journalist community.

The combined companies became the Gorkana Group: the new market leading, complete media intelligence solution and then in 2014 the Gorkana Group was acquired by Cison, the world’s largest media intelligence company.

In 2015 the Gorkana Group became Gorkana and the Gorkana brand was retained in the UK- and so Gorkana continues to be the market leading media intelligence company in the UK.

We currently work with over 4,000 customers who include: * 65 of the top FTSE 100 companies * Central government departments * 119 of the top 150 PR agencies

We are a business built by communication professionals who understand the daily challenges and the complexity of the evolving media landscape.

This understanding allows us to continue to innovate and develop the services our customers’ need, which ensures that every one of them has best in class products that align to their specific requirements.